Monday, September 28, 2009

Progress with school & goals

Updates on my masters program...

currently enrolled in Global Public Health (and will be writing about some of my lectures soon) and Biostatistics. Enjoying both. And trying to keep up with all of the reading. So far, we've discussed quite thought provoking subject matters such as population control issues, family planning, child health and what is helping vs what is not.

Settled the questions over who my advisor is -- he's an ER doctor with a special interest in immigrant health and good contacts in Central America. Awesome.

Have met with a few different professors and determined my goals for the year need to be gaining as much experience with speaking Spanish as possible, narrowing down my ideas for my capstone (thesis) subject matter, and figuring out a plan for where/with whom to go abroad next summer. Scouting out some good volunteer opportunities and deciding what events are worth my time and what aren't. Full time work and part time masters classes doesn't give me much flex in my schedule for extra right now I'm successfully fitting in some socializing, yoga, exercising and volunteering.

Success -- went apple picking (reflecting on my past post on food that is local and fresh, I'd say picking off the tree is the best you can get!) -- also got 25lbs of tomatoes from the same farm for $12, Crazy!! Learning that if you buy things local and in season, they can actually be a better deal..and so much tastier! so my friend and I peeled them and made fresh sauce for storing....YUM...using the juice, skin and seeds to experiment with a few things, tomato based face mask (supposed to be good for blackheads), tomato ice cubes for blending with veggies for drinking, and juice for soup.

Considering it:
the possibility of fermenting my apples for a hard cider, perhaps if I find good home instructions for this??

Unlearning it: watching television during the week -- must give up the little I do watch if I'm going to keep up on my reading.

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