Thursday, October 22, 2009

continuing this thought

In addition to this...I'm torn about the option of a flu shot. Especially the H1N1 vaccination...when I'm in the one of the at-risk groups for this.

Since I'm studying Public Health, I suppose its automatically assumed I will be all about vaccinations. Which in general, they are a good thing. But when you need a new vaccine every year to stop the spread of something (which begs the question, is it actually encouraging the mutation of the virus?), how good of a vaccine can it be? And then I hear stuff like this, that just scares people, myself included. From a population perspective, this is like a one in a million chance. But looking as an individual, I don't want to be that one in a million. Maybe I'm spreading fear and unsupported claims, and if I find out that I am, obviously I'll retract this post. Let me know...

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