Sunday, November 15, 2009

a sunshiney day of library time.

Today I spend my day in the library. Writing my term paper on the link between women's health disparities and early marriage and pregnancy in underdeveloped areas of the world. And prepping for a statistics project.

Normally this would be exciting...I LOVE the library. I love the smell of old books, the quiet, setting up shop for 8 hours researching and writing and being my usually nerdy self. I must say, its been a while since I set up camp for such a day, mainly because that length of concentration is not my strong suit anymore. But today may be especially challenging...its mid November and 71 degrees outside right now. And I want to go play!! But, its also 3 weeks from due dates on all of my term projects, time must wait.

I guess this comes with the territory of mastering an area of expertise.

wish me luck!

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