Thursday, December 10, 2009

Density Equalizing Cartograms

I'm a big fan of maps -- I find that they can be a great tool for illustrating a point, and for better understanding a concept. Gapminder is one of my favorite websites for this. In class the other day, one of my professors was using a different kind of map, which I found to be quite useful for his points.

Density Equalizing Cartograms are maps where sizes of countries are illustrated according to whichever variable you are, land area obviously shows a regular map:

Nothing you haven't seen before, I know. But check out these other ones.
Total population:

Total wealth distribution in 2002:

Distribution of girls in the world not enrolled in primary school:

Those with lack of basic sanitation:

HIV prevalence:

Malaria Deaths:

Diarrhea Deaths:

Lack of Nutrition related deaths:

Water Use:

Military Spending in 2002:

Public Health Spending:

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  1. cool maps. interesting. the northern hemisphere has all the $$.