Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sex ed

I taught a sex ed class at a Catholic church last weekend. In the sanctuary. To a group of adults in a premarital class at the church...all immigrants I think, not sure. And the priest asked us to teach on contraceptives and reproductive health. We passed around condoms, and showed them what different forms of birth control were available. We told them of clinics where they could get affordable reproductive care.

They asked questions about orgasms, periods, hormones and the like...and listened comfortably, all while a statue of Jesus and Mary stood behind us at the altar.

I'm impressed with the progress this church has made. We need a church that views sex as part of life, instead of only as taboo. We need proper education and equality to be promoted in the church, if we expect people across the world to progress, especially when so many around the world still rely on the church for their guidance. We need population control, we are on our way to 10 billion people, a # so large that our Earth will have difficulties sustaining us, and wars over water, food and land are inevitable...we need people to be responsible about having children, especially when they are barely affording to feed themselves. Not to imply at all that people of any socioeconomic status have less rights than others to reproduction. But, we are no longer in the age where you have 10 kids in hopes that 5 survive, at least not in the US. Let's stop acting like we are and start being responsible with the science and medicine available to us.