Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here are some fun shots...with my host family, and with the ladies at the Casa Materna...which is where the women here go when they are far along in their pregnancy. They live there until they give birth because it is a way of insuring that they will have access to good medical care when they are in labor. The infrastructure in the country is too difficult otherwise to get a woman to the hospital once she is already in labor, so instead they come and live in the city and wait for the big day to arrive.

They have a beautiful set up at this Casa Materna, including an oven that never gets used because no one feels capable of baking. So, I went and gave a baking lesson...we made cookies, pan simple (bread) and banana bread. They big concrete looking thing in one of these photos is the oven..its an outdoor barrel oven, made with a big metal barrel, white clay and bricks...heated by firewood. Also, there is a beautiful mural painted by the last Peace Corps Volunteers in the courtyard.